Mi Box

Jon/ October 19, 2017/ Media Player/ 2 comments

Our good friends at Xiaomu make nice stuff 🙂 enter in the Mi Box! Mi Box Review Intro I bought the Mi Box which is an Android TV based 4k Media Player at the end of last year for $69. It is one of the first times I have waited so long to review something. Of course, a long-term review

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Amazon Fire TV (2015 Edition)

Jon/ November 6, 2015/ Media Player/ 4 comments

If you read my previous post on the Fire TV stick you’ll know that I’m a BIG fan of this device and have been using it for close on 11 months now. My overall impression of the device hasn’t changed in all this time but what I did notice is that it sometimes struggles to render HD content without buffering

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Jon/ January 6, 2015/ Media Player/ 0 comments

I definitely consider myself an early adopter, TV for me means watching what I want when I want. In time I’m sure everyone will watch TV this way. We cancelled our satellite and since then we have been streaming all our content.  It obviously takes a bit of setup initially but once you are up and running it works like

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