Panasonic Wi-Fi Indoor/Outdoor Home Surveillance System

Jon/ August 22, 2018/ Security, Smart Home/ 2 comments

I am an avid watcher of the OneDayOnly specials. I came across this product back in March 2018 and decided to order it to replace an older not so smart indoor camera I had. The package consisted of:
  • 2 Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • 1 Hub
  • All Cables / Manuals and Power Supply
Panasonic Home Surveillance System Front View of Panasonic Home Surveillance SystemAll the cameras need is power and then they connect over WiFi to the hub. The hub can hold an SD Card for recording and can also plug directly into your phone line (I’ll take about these features a little later) I think what I liked was the idea that both cameras could connect to the one hub and therefore I would just need one app to view both. The app is called “Home Network” by Panasonic and features various controls for Home Automation and Security such as Smart Sensors. Since you get the hub with the cameras it could mean you could start a full-on Panasonic Smart Home (which is probably what they want). Panasonic Home Network App Panasonic Home Network AppIt is pegged as more of a security system then just CCTV, as the app allows you to Arm / Disarm certain cameras at certain times or when leaving the house and get it to notify you of any movement as well as sound a siren on premise. There is two-way audio as well. The system has a weird but nifty feature which allows you to put your analogue phone line “online” i.e. once it is plugged into the Panasonic hub you can make and receive calls on your Smartphone through the Home Network app anytime, anywhere. So what are my thoughts on the Product after using it for a few months? I think the quality of Video and Audio is great. It’s one of those devices I can also just set and forget as it just works. The biggest problem I have really is how long it takes to detect/stream video from the app when outside of my home network. It can sometimes take minutes before it shows up and sometimes it never does. Other brands seem to be able to deal with remote viewing so why can’t Panasonic? My internet can also not be blamed as I can view my outside cameras with no problem. A feature I would like but I guess Panasonic will never allow is to open up the system to allow external app’s to detect the camera over IP and so I could put all my cameras in one app. This device does the job and is quick and responsive when I’m at home which is fine if I’m in my bedroom and need to see what’s going on with the rest of the house.
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  1. Do you know where I could find more cameras like this?

    1. Hi Robert,

      I bought mine from OneDayOnly special as far as I can remember so I’m unsure now where you can get them.


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