Sonoff S20 Smart Plug

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I bought the Sonoff S20 Smart Plug (EU) from a newly discovered website:

It was great to find a local distributor of Smart Home products, as they are normally so difficult to get here in SA. Sonoff is a big family of Smart solutions including:

  • Smart Temperature monitors
  • Smart Lights
  • Smart Switches
  • Smart Irrigation Systems
  • Smart Plugs

What does this Smart Plug do?

The Sonoff S20 looks similar to a normal adaptor plug (just a little bigger). It connects to your WiFi so you can control it. It supports the EU plug standard. It has an on/off button on it but that’s about it!

ewelink appEverything is controlled by means of your smartphone, iOS or Android. Once you install the eWElink app from the app store you link it up to your device by simply scanning a QR code and putting in your WiFi password. Once activated, you can now name your device accordingly.

In it’s simplest form you can Toggle the device on/off from the app but if you want to get a little more creative you can set schedules so that it will turn on/off at specific times as you wish.

You are able to receive notifications when the status changes if you wish and these will pop up on your smartphone.

Controlling devices is available at home and away from home which is great.

You really could use this for anything from switching on your kettle to turning on a lamp.

What do I think?

For me, it’s all about ecosystems especially with Smart Home stuff as I’d prefer to work with a brand that can do many things and Sonoff really seems to be heading in the right direction. To me having one APP for all Smart Home activities would be amazing. On that note their APP is okay, there are definite improvements that could be made but it does the job. I paid around R300 for the unit which I think is pretty fair.

Google Home does work with Sonoff products so that adds the voice capabilities.

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