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Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo – Meet Google Home!

Google Home Colours

Amazon was definitely first to market with their Voice Assistant so they are slightly ahead of the game but Google is catching up fast! Google has one major benefit over Amazon and that is simply what they know about YOU 🙂

Although some people find that scary, I don’t! You have to give a little and in turn, you gain a lot. A good example is how Google alerts me when it’s time to leave for work and exactly what the traffic is like and how long I can expect to take to get there. This is simple but oh so handy! Now if I didn’t add my Home and Work address in, I would never get this feature.


Google Home and me

I have had my Google Home for several months now, has the novelty worn off?  I guess so BUT it is simply because it has become such a part of our daily lives.

A few of things I use it for DAILY:

  • Set Timers while Cooking (A lot)
  • Add items to my shopping list
  • Play Music (Really really good at this)
  • Check the weather
  • Hear the news
  • Control my lights (I have the Philips Hue set)

Google Home I particularly find the shopping list useful because it is linked directly to my phone, so let’s say my partner is cooking and realises we need Onions, for example, he simply says: “Ok Google, please add Onions to shopping list” and hey presto it’s done. Now why he says “please” I don’t know as Google will do it regardless LOL I guess good manners never heart anyone 🙂

The Phillips Hue integration is cool, but of course, you need to buy that separately.  Then to link the two is incredibly easy and from then on it’s a simply a case of saying: “Ok Google, turn on all my lights” and what do you know, Google responds with “Alright, turning on 5 lights”. You can ask just for specific rooms as well just so you know 🙂

The speaker for Music is pretty loud Google Homeso it’s made entertaining so easy and fun.. All my friends ask Google to play their favourite song without getting off their chair.

Some more cool things I’ve tried include:

  • Hey Google get me an uber (Works brilliantly)
  • Ok Google play Ellen’s latest Video on my lounge TV (This works because It can cast to my Android TV)
  •  Hey Google, let’s play a Game.

There is literally a ton of things you can ask it to do for you including looking up random facts!

Add-On Services

Google Home can be linked to many services, including:

  1. Phillips Hue
  2. Logitech Harmony
  3. SmartThings
  4. Nest
  5. Chromecast
  6. Spotify
  7. Pandora
  8. Google Play Music
  9. YouTube
  10. Tunein
  11. IFTTT

Is it worth the money?

I guess it depends on you! For me 100% it has become a big part of my life. Yes, I love gadgets as you all know BUT it is an incredibly useful tool especially when you are busy with your handsful. There is something quite freeing about being able to just use your voice to get things done 🙂

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