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Now before you say it, I know I don’t technically write a Car review blog but I figured since my Opel ADAM is so full of tech it’s definitely a good candidate for an article on theITguy 🙂

The top of the range model in SA at the time was the Opel Adam Glam 1.0T ecoFLEX which is what I was fortunate enough to purchase. I think what really drew me to the car was its stylish good looks and of course all the tech packed into it.

Opel Adam GlamThe Adam is fully customisable both inside and out with thousands of styling combinations available right down to the colour and pattern of the roof and grill.

My model’s exterior features a white roof, grey body with white accents on the rims. It’s very stylish looking two tone colour combination often turns heads.

The interior features Sports leather in grey, along with gun metal and black coloured dash with LED lights dotted in the roof (Now you’ll either love or hate that bit) I think it’s stunning and a real talking point. There is also LED lighting recessed in the door and dash with the ability to change the colour and brightness with ease (This looks really cool at night). The dash with its instrument panel and 7 inch touch screen is also rather sexy.

opel adam interiorNow that I have wet your appetite with the styling lets talk a little about the tech and features:

  • Auto-dimming Rear View Mirror
  • Auto Wipers
  • Auto Headlights
  • Auto Start/Stop (Eco Drive)
  • Cruise Control
  • City Mode (Feather light power steering)
  • Electronic Climate Control
  • 8 Multi-Colour Adjustable Ambient Lighting
  • Starz 64 LED Roofliner
  • IntelliLink 7 inch Touch LCD Screen
  • Park Distance Control (PDC) Front and Back
  • Advanced Park Assist (Self-Parking)

I absolutely love how I never need to turn on the wipers or the lights, the car just does it for me. This is especially helpful when driving into an underground parking and suddenly the lights just come on. It’s just those extra touches which I just love!

I want to make special mention of two features which stand out:

IntelliLink LCD Touch Screen

The IntelliLink system is a 7 inch LCD screen which allows you to connect your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth or USB cable:

  • Make / Receive Calls
  • Play Music via USB, Bluetooth and Radio
  • Install Apps such as Stitcher, TuneIn Radio and BringGo Navigation.
  • Displays Parking Sensors and Distance from obstacles.
  • Manage Self-Parking Process
  • Control all settings of the vehicle

Take a look at a YouTuve video from Opel on the IntelliLink system:

BringGo Navigation

The built in BringGo Navigation software requires you to download a companion app for your smartphone and purchase the maps for your region which is a once off cost. It was approximately R500 which is pricey I know but considering it’s a once off charge and you are guaranteed of future updates I don’t think that’s too bad.

The Touch Screen uses the GPS from your smartphone but not data as the maps are stored locally.

The navigation app syncs with your smartphone to ensue any favourites are up to date.

The app in the vehicle is okay, it’s no Google Maps that’s for sure but it works well overall. I really enjoy the fact that it’s integrated into the vehicles display. So much better than having to stick your phone on the window!


Now this is really something! The car will automatically steer itself into a parallel or perpendicular (alloy dock style) parking. The first time I did it, it was super freaky watching the steering wheel move by itself LOL. You start the process by selecting the Self-Parking button and choose the type of parking you require (Parallel / Perpendicular). You then simply drive along while the vehicle searches until it finds a parking that it can fit into. Once it has chosen a parking it will alert you and ask you to remove your hands from the steering wheel. It advises you to engage the correct gear and accelerator / brake while it does the steering. It visually shows you when to stop and stop and when it has finished parking.

Opel Adam ParkingI have had a good success with this feature overall but sometimes it struggles to find a parking as a requirement is that it must be between two cars. The most useful is Parallel parking which is not a favourite of mine.

This is a really cool feature which I enjoy using as often as I can!

Take a look at a YouTube video from Vauxhall on how it parks itself!

So, how does it drive?

If style and tech is not enough and you care how it drives (I do), you won’t be disappointed.

My model which is the 1.0T ecoFLEX which has a 6-speed manual gearbox and pushes out 85KW of Power @ 5000-6000 RPM with 170 nm of Torque which is phenomenal for this little baby. These new eco engines are really something, gone are the days of the old 1300 which could barely get up a hill. These new turbo engines push out huge power and use less fuel, it’s just crazy!

I noticed a significant power increase from my previous vehicle which was the Fiat 500 1.4. The Opel Adam accelerates with ease and you find yourself exceeding the speed limit quite quickly.

The ride quality is pretty good but I feel there could be some improvement made on this specially with cornering at higher speeds. The Opel Adam is really a city car and this is where it shines most!

The fuel consumption is excellent with Opel Claiming, 6.3l/100km (Urban) and 5.1l/100 (Combined). I don’t quite get this but I’m pleased overall with how long my 35l tank lasts me. I can do just under 500KM on a tank which is pretty good!

The verdict

The Adam is such a fun car which actually makes me smile every time I drive it!

You should take a test drive as you won’t be disappointed.

I have had my Adam for just over four months now and I’m still loving it so that’s a good sign! I tend to get bored of things quite easily hence why I change cars so often 🙂

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