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I think I might be a compulsive e-cig destroyer LOL.

I am now onto my fourth device but I really can’t blame the hardware! It’s mostly due to the numerous times I have dropped the devices down the stairs or on the pavement 🙂

I purchased the Joyetech eGo ONE 1100 mAh version as a replacement for my Kangertech which ended up another casualty of my carelessness 🙁 I wanted to try something a little different and after doing my research the eGo ONE looked like a good option in a device of its size. I got it for R750 which is comparable with other devices in it’s class.


Looks wise the eGo ONE 1100 mAh is small, it’s basically the height and diameter of a typical lipstick. I was gunning for one of the cute colour options they have (Red, White, Blue, Black, or Purple) but had to settle for the stainless steel one due to stock issues. If I had held out I’m sure I could have had my fav white version but beggars can’t be choosers when you have nothing else to use!

It’s cute regardless of colour and fits easily in the hand and any pocket! The device comes with two drip tips, the traditional stainless steel and a really nice glass tip. I adore the glass tip which breaks the otherwise solid steel colour and adds a classy element to the device. You of course can chop and change as you see fit.

My second favourite thing about the device is the charger! It uses a standard micro USB charger with the port located on the side of the battery near the base. Boy is that convenient! Now I can simply use my existing cellphone charger to charge my device and I don’t have to unscrew the tank and battery every time I want to charge.

While we are on the battery, it’s okay! No real complaints and performs as expected. If I take it off the charger at 7am I can make it through to 9pm with moderate vaping. There are bigger batteries available such as the 2200 mAh but then it makes the device much bigger so as with everything there is a trade-off.

There is one light on the device which is white and has a very Morse code like effect in order to show you how much battery you have left.

60% – 100% Stay lit
30% – 59% Slowly flashes
10% – 29% Moderately flashes
0 – 9% Flashes in frequency

The device has a variable airflow ring allowing you to choose just how much air you’d like. I usually keep this fully open. It unfortunately doesn’t have a variable voltage setting like the Kangertech but this doesn’t bother me – After all sometimes there are just too many options in life.

Speaking of options it does have one which I do like, it can take both a 0.5ohm and 1.0ohm coil. Now for those that care, a 1.0ohm is best for mouth inhalers and mimics the feeling of taking a pull of a real cigarette. The 0.5ohm is best suited for lung inhalers and creates big clouds of vapour. I prefer the first option but luckily enough the device ships with both so you can try for yourself and then just order the one you want when it comes time for replacement coils.

My biggest negative is really the filling process! It has a 2.5 ml tank which is fine but the actual window into the tank is small and it’s hard to see how much liquid you have left. Also when you fill ‘er up its’ hard to squeeze the liquid into the small gap without spilling. I know online they suggested using a needle rather but I haven’t tried that. Look you get used to it but it’s definitely not favourable. I just wish that e-cigs had some kind of LED indicator for liquid!

The actual vaping experience is great! It’s very easy to draw and produces big clouds for the tiny device it is. All in all I’m pretty happy with it (for now) but I’m sure there will be something else down the line knowing me 🙂

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