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Jon/ June 15, 2015/ Smartphones/ 0 comments

I’ve been carrying the S6 edge as my daily driver for over a month now and thought it was time to share my thoughts with you.

Look it’s no secret I’m a Samsung fan and where possible I like all my appliances and gadgets to be Samsung 🙂 I’ve owned the S3, S4, S5 and now S6 so I think I’m qualified to speak about them.

In my opinion Samsung started to lose their way a bit when it came to the S4 and it got even worse with the S5. It even got to a point where I stared to “shock horror” consider other options! Look they are both great high end phones but the amount of crapware i.e. “pre-installed Samsung stuff” got too much. This bloatware would really slow down the phone and although one could uninstall most of it, it was just a pain. I also found the camera app on the S5 a pain with way too many settings.

It came time for my upgrade and like a shining light from above the S6 emerged. I planned on originally getting the normal S6 model but they were out of stock so I went for the edge. After reading reviews and watching many YouTube videos I was quite confident I would be happy with the phone and WOW did Samsung turn a corner! I dare say that they listened to market 🙂

This is what they got right:

  • The best camera I have used to date on any smartphone (16 MP CMOS Rear Camera & 5 MP on the front). I recently took a holiday overseas and the pictures I took were incredible. Very simple to use Camera app, showing only the most important settings with an option to download more.

  • Stunning Display (5.1. inch Quad HD Display). I’ve even had people comment on how crisp it is.

  • More Memory (3 GB as opposed to 2 GB on the S5). This was definitely needed.

  • Fingerprint sensor that works like a charm.

This is what they got wrong:

  • Battery Life – I get 10 hours if I’m lucky but I am a power user. I wouldn’t have even minded if they made the phone slightly thicker to give me more juice 🙂

The S6 edge isn’t for everyone, I personally like the rounded corners of the screen but some of my mates aren’t of the same opinion. One negative of the rounded corners is that you can find yourself hitting a few random keys by accident when trying to type and hold the phone. I downloaded the SwiftKey keyboard app which pretty much resolved this problem for me.

The S6 comes standard running Lollipop which (at the time) is Android’s latest version of their Operating System. It is a beautiful looking interface even with Samsung’s overlay and tweaks 🙂

The phone itself is awesome but If you only get an S6 for its camera you won’t be disappointed!

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