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I have been vaping for over a year now and it has completely changed my life. Like many people I started with the Twisp which was fantastic especially for a newbie. Twisp provided a simple kit solution with liquids and coils readily available at most Shopping Centres, Clicks outlets and now even garages.

Having friends in the know I soon discovered an entire vaping world out there with a multitude of devices to choose from.

Look, I’m not one of those super fans that needs to modify my atomizer or make my own coils etc. I just wanted a simple device that looks good, vapes well and fits into my pocket comfortably.

I ditched the Twisp six months in and bought myself a Kangertech EMOW Mega online. I completely missed the mega bit so when it arrived I was a little concerned due to the fact that it was so massive.  In fact it could have doubled up as a weapon LOL.

As time went by I got used to the size but people around me always commented on how big it was 😀 Look it was big but it did fit into my pocket so I wasn’t too phased. A big plus was the battery I could get almost three days out of it.

A few months later and after I had dropped the device for the 100th time it gave in 🙁 Initially panic set in but luckily I still had my old Twisp.

I ordered a replacement Kangertech EMOW and luckily this time I paid a bit more attention and found one that was just the right size which was just brilliant.

  • Atomizer
  • Battery
  • 5 Spare Coils (One already in the device)
  • USB Cable
  • Charger
  • Instructions

Having used this type of device before it was quite simple to get up and vaping. I added a bit of juice and I was on my way 🙂

You can set the voltage by pressing the button three times in succession and it offers three standard settings:

White light: 4.8V
Green light: 4.2V
Red light: 3.7v

I set it directly in the middle (Green) as that is my preferred setting but you may feel differently. I know that some juices taste better at different voltages so it’s definitely something you need to try for yourself.

Airflow can also be adjusted by rotating the ring just below the atomizer.

If you think this all sounds a bit complicated, seriously it’s not! Once you set it up the way you want it then you never really need to do anything again, just sit back and enjoy!

My experience with battery life is around a day and a half! So not too bad. I charge it daily just too make sure I never run out!

The Kangertech EMOW offers a great all round vaping experience without being overly complex. The device is sexy and is just the right price and size for your pocket. The starter kit includes everything you need but juices of course.

In conclusion I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is new to vaping or is looking for a few more features than Twisp brings to the table.

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