TP-Link Wireless Range Extender

Jon/ January 17, 2015/ WiFi/ 0 comments

We don’t live in a large home or anything but the distance between my Wi-Fi Router and our bedroom is a fair bit. We always battled with only achieving one bar and in some cases no bars when in our bedroom, which was incredibly frustrating.

I decided to look for a compact range extender which we could use and see if that would help our plight. I found a very good deal on a TP-Link device on the TakeAlot website for a couple hundred bucks. It looked great and compact so in my usual click click manner I ordered it (Oooh I love getting stuff delivered)

The product arrived and I took it home to set it up, whenever I get something new it’s always the first thing I do when I get home 🙂

The product itself is compact and is a one piece with the actual two prong plug built in allowing for easy installation and let’s face it aesthetics!

When you first set it up you really do need a computer but I know that it has the whole WPS one button setup thing. I never use this and in fact disabled the option on my router for security reason. When the device is powered on it creates its own Wireless Access point allowing you to connect your computer directly to it and browse to the setup page. The setup is simple where you choose the existing Wi-Fi network you want to extend along with your preferred network name and save, additional more advanced options are available should you be so inclined.

At first I struggled a bit as the IP Range of the device and my router were different but I think that was because I tried to be too smart with DHCP. Any who a few clicks sorted that out!

Now, it simply lives in my kitchen and I pay absolutely no attention to it… poor thing. This is because it just works. I know receive 4 bars in the bedroom which is fantastic!

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