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At the time of writing this review I’ve had the Moto 360 smartwatch tightly clasped to my arm for around three weeks and I have to say all in all it’s awesome!I had to wait almost three months for the device to be shipped to South Africa from the states as our country had been experiencing a postal strike at the time. It was a very long three months I must say :(When I first received the device I was concerned that it may be faulty as the screen did not indicate it was charging when on the wireless dock. After quite a while the screen did eventually indicate charging so I imagine the battery was just very flat after three months in transit LOL.

So what do you get with your Moto 360?

  • The Sexy Watch itself
  • A wireless charging dock
  • A standard USB cable
  • A US Wall Plug Adaptor
  • Some Instructions

As our plugs are different to the US I simply used one of the micro USB cellphone charges I had lying around which plugged directly into the dock.Wireless charging is what really attracted me to the Moto 360 as some of its rivals aren’t that easy to charge. I didn’t want to have to unclip this and that in order to charge a device I knew would need daily charging, it’s just a pain. The Moto 360 easily rests on the dock and charges in about an hour, I usually leave it over night while I sleep.While we are on the subject of charging, battery life really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In the beginning while I was messing around with the watch quite a bit, I got really concerned as it looked like after 4 hours it was done and needed a charge. Fortunately things settled down and after an update or two of Android Wear it was humming along beautifully. I can get around a day and a half out of it with moderate use. All I expect is a day and that’s all I need 🙂

I’m a big Google Fan and therefore Android is my platform of choice. I wanted to immerse myself in Android Wear even though I know it’s in its infancy. It is getting better every day and I’m happy to be there through the teething stage.

I looked at some of Samsung’s Tizen watches which by and large have more features but they are not Android Wear devices so I figured it wasn’t even worth going there. I didn’t want a watch that I had to load apps on, I wanted a smartwatch that was clever enough to benefit from apps that are already on my phone and didn’t need to specifically be downloaded just for the watch. Obviously there are apps that are watch focused but the fact that Bring! my shopping list app of choice allowed me to view and swipe away items on my watch while shopping was just brilliant 🙂 especially when I had no idea they had support for Android Wear.

My experience has been pretty stable with a few cases where the watch loses Bluetooth connection with my phone, a quick Bluetooth on/off toggle on my phone usually fixes that and at worst I have had to reboot the watch twice in three weeks. I don’t really consider that too bad and I’m sure these bugs will iron themselves out in future versions of Android Wear!

To end off, the Moto 360 is probably the best Android Wear Smartwatch out there at the time of writing this. It’s round face makes for quite a “normal” looking watch which doesn’t cause too much fuss on the street, personally I prefer this. It’s sort of one of those understated things. When people do realise what it is when it lights up with a notification they are immediately excited and want to see more.

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